Focus on the aftermarket increases profitability

Investing in the aftermarket has become increasingly important in the automotive industry. The reason is, of course, that it is a good investment and gives improved profitability. Acquiring new customers is more expensive than motivating existing customers to do more business deals. This phenomenon is common in a retail trade through membership and special offers. Simply put… to reward the customers works!

In the automotive industry, the aftermarket is becoming an important part of the overall experience of buying a vehicle. Arranging visits for customers to events and workshops, is today a standard for most vehicle dealers. But in reality, the aftermarket really starts with the purchase. Customers are satisfied if they get that little extra touch. A give away that is both useful and stylish. Formac offers many options for you to create that special feeling that will make your customers keep the experience in their memory... something that contributes to making them want to come back.


Formac has give aways that matches everyone's needs and budgets. Our products are fully packaged according to your wishes. We create an overall concept that gives your customers an extra experience and increases your chances for joint future business.

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