Formac receives important environmental certification

Formac receives important environmental certification

This certification is another important building block in Formac's environmental strategy and underlines our role as a leader in environmental work in our industry.

- We are very proud that Formac is now ISO 14001 certified. We are convinced that sustainability is the key to a secure and successful future for us, but also for the entire future economy, comments Formac's CEO Jacob Hermansson on the announcement that the company has been approved.

In addition to reviewing the environmental management system we have previously established, we have also focused on our environmental goals and our previous sustainability work measures. In this context, the self-imposed environmental goals relating to the interaction in the areas of products, energy and transport, and which are intended to further reduce Formac's environmental impact, have been examined in more detail.

Customer-centered sustainability strategy

As an ecologically responsible company, sustainability and the best possible environmental protection have long been important areas of activity for Formac. An example is our switch to recycled materials and investments in more energy-efficient production methods.

Formac has set a goal to reduce its CO2 emissions by another 200 tonnes by next year, which according to the current status would cover about 20 percent of the total emissions. Our previous ambitions resulted in a reduction of more than 300 tonnes of CO2 per year.

With our products, we also support our customers in striving for a higher level of sustainability. We achieve this by transparently communicating our own sustainability work in combination with our more environmentally friendly products to our customers.

About the ISO 14001 standard

ISO 14001 is the globally accepted and applied standard for environmental management systems. It specifies requirements for an environmental management system that an organization can use to improve its environmental performance, meet legal and other obligations, and achieve environmental goals.

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