All our tire bags are now climate smart!

Starting this fall's tire season, Formac enables a large reduction in CO2 by replacing all conventional tire bags made of plastic granules from crude oil to products in 100% recycled material. A big step for us, which can reduce the entire company's total emissions by up to 10%!

Formac publishes Co2 values

Formac has taken another step in environmental work by showing the Co2 value of each product. This helps you as a customer to calculate and assess your environmental impact on the purchase of products from Formac.

Formac receives important environmental certification

Formac has successfully passed the environmental certification in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard and is therefore awarded ISO 14001 status via RI.SE (Research Institute of Sweden).

Major upgrade in Formacs printing shop

Formacs business continues to grow and now we have made a major upgrade in our own printing shop in Växjö Sweden. A new state-of-the-art roll printer that completely replaces two older roll printers at the same time as it provides a higher print quality.

Now all cars in Sweden are becoming a little more environmentally friendly

Plastic – a flexible, light and cheap material from which an almost unlimited number of different products can be made. The possibilities are numerous. However, plastic can also have a negative impact on nature if we do not act responsibly...

3D-emblems – how we produce them

3D-emblems brings out any logo. But how do we manufacture them?

Welcome to Formac

At Formac we have serviced the automotive industry for over 30 years. We develop, manufacture and print customized products.

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