All our tire bags are now climate smart!

All our tire bags are now climate smart!

Starting this fall's tire season, Formac enables a large reduction in CO2 by replacing all conventional tire bags made of plastic granules from crude oil to products in 100% recycled material. A big step for us, which can reduce the entire company's total emissions by up to 10%!

To explain this large potential environmental impact, we need to take a look at the product's development. In 2021, Formac handled tire bags with a weight of up to ~90 tons of plastic. Almost all were produced in conventional plastic which resulted in a total emission of 255 tonnes of greenhouse gas.

With a similar sales trend to previous tire seasons, we can calculate a potential saving of up to 90 tons of CO2 per year. This means that this tire bag investment alone has the potential to reduce Formac's total environmental impact by a total of almost 10%!

Properly tested
When we started our conversion, we gradually started letting some of our larger customers test the new tire bags and the results and reviews were positive.

With the support of test results, our customers' positive reviews and the fact that we can now offer environmentally smart tire bags where neither quality nor price differs from bags made of conventional plastic material, this is a good opportunity to switch to a more sustainable product alternative.

See and order your climate-smart tire bags here.

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