Protect personnel and premises against accidents and fire when working with electric vehicles

A damaged electric car requires special safety management. When batteries are damaged, there is a risk to those involved in the after-care of the vehicle. Formac has therefore developed products and packages specifically intended for businesses that handle electric cars. The purpose of the products is to increase the personal safety and security of the property and the general public, for example, when car workshops handle electric cars.

Safety package for electric vehicles

Formac's safety package has been specially developed to increase the safety of personnel and properties when car workshops handle electric cars. The safety package contains several products for marking and cordoning off and can be combined with a fire blanket that covers the entire vehicle in the event of a fire. The fire blanket can also be used for preventive purposes when the vehicle is parked. All products are also sold individually.

The package includes:

  • 6 plastic barrier posts
  • 1 plastic chain 25 m
  • 2 Warning signs car roof
  • 2 Warning signs high voltage worke
  • 2 work folders yellow
  • 2 pcs Warning signs floor

Safety products for handling electric vehicles

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